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Cohousing professionals can include architects, developers, facilitators, development consultants, marketers, trainers, and others.

Creating a cohousing community is a big job!

Here's a checklist of qualifications to look for in a cohousing consultant, a project manager or a management team:
  1. Knowledge and experience in managing a development of the size and scope you're contemplating (check references, visit their existing developments - it would be very risky to hire someone who has never done this before).
  2. Familiarity with the municipal process for taking a project through rezoning to the building permit stage
  3. Ability to coordinate the work of the professional team and the general contractor
  4. Knowledge of how to create and manage budgets; the capacity to manage members' investment, apply for financing, and manage the flow of money throughout the project
  5. Understanding of the legal structure required for development and how to transition from that to home ownership once the project is completed
  6. Capacity to set up an organizational structure that supports member participation, and with the experience and comfort to facilitate the group's timely planning and appropriate decision-making throughout the process
  7. Good communication and organizational skills, able to be the liaison between the group and the regulatory authorities, professionals, financial institution, and general contractor.

credit: Cohousing Development Consulting

The following professionals are interested in providing services to forming groups and existing communities. The Canadian Cohousing Network does not screen professional listings in any way and inclusion here is not a CCN endorsement. We accept no responsibility for the consequences of hiring any of the professionals listed below. We strongly advise that you request and check references before making hiring decisions.

CDC Cohousing Development Consulting

Ronaye Matthew has over 30 years experience in residential development, marketing and construction.

She has provided start-up and development management services for most of the completed cohousing communities in Canada. Ronaye works with groups from the initial forming stage to move-in. She knows what it takes to support a group to ground their vision in reality and generate the membership and financial resources required to move forward and get the project built in a time and cost efficient manner. Ronaye is a founding member of the Canadian Cohousing Network and lives at Cranberry Commons Cohousing.

Cohousing Connections

Sarah Arthurs with Cohousing Connections is a resident of Prairie Sky Cohousing, graduate of the 500 Communities Program and an affiliate of CoHousing Solutions.  She is currently working on cohousing projects with Katie McCamant.

Cohousing Connections brings together potential cohousers with developers who see the social and business benefit of cohousing.  CC works with local stakeholders to secure a site and then builds the buyers group through a series of participatory design workshops.  Sarah would love to know what you are working on and to explore how she can help you make cohousing happen.

CoLiving Canada

At CoLiving Canada we aim to inform, equip, and coach people and groups who are interested in intergenerational and 50+ CoHousing and CoLiving. We offer workshops, training, advisory and project development services leveraging expertise provided by our in house team and through collaboration with local partners and international experts and leaders in CoHousing.

Fitch Architecture and Community Design

Fitch Architecture and Community Design (FACD) is one of the most respected and experienced cohousing firms in North America. Laura Fitch discovered her interest in cohousing while studying in Denmark in 1980. As 25+ year resident in Pioneer Valley Cohousing, she offers unique insight into the group dynamics that affect the design process.

Cohousing and sustainable living / design are what Laura has chosen both personally and professionally and she brings great enthusiasm and inspiration to FACD’s work with communities. We offer everything from short consults and design programming workshops to a full range of design and development services.


Hive & House Consulting

Hive & House believes living in community can make the world a better place. In terms of cohousing, we provide education and guidance on how to move forward.

Located in the BC Lower Mainland, our team provides services to cohousing groups, primarily in the areas of community building, group process, financial planning and project management.

The three Hive & House partners are Marta Carlucci, Lysa Dixon and Mackenzie Stonehocker. From their experience in their own cohousing communities, they bring a range of skills and expertise to their professional work, including group facilitation, member recruitment, financial feasibility, cohousing design, and municipal approvals.

For more info, contact: or phone Lysa (604-817-1751), Marta (604-910-5552) or Mackenzie (604-366-5096)

Laird Schaub

Laird’s work is rooted in 40 years of community living and 30 years of working with consensus-based groups. He’s worked with more than 100 communities, specializing in up-tempo meeting facilitation, conflict, and organizational structure. Key to his approach is welcoming the full range of human responses—including emotional, intuitive, and kinesthetic—in recognition that people know, process, and transmit information in a variety of ways. He’s pioneered a two-year facilitation training program that he’s delivered 12 times all across North America, to more than 100 students. There are currently new courses starting in BC, New England, and North Carolina.

Laird Schaub, 1014 Chester Park Dr, Duluth MN 55812
Phone: 218-724-3732, Email:

LiveWell Cohousing

The Cohousing Challenge: Far too many cohousing projects in BC and across Canada have been vastly over budget or forged through the drama of having to make extremely difficult compromises on quality to get the project built.

The Solution: It is time to change the way cohousing communities are built. Gary Morrison has over 25 years experience working in the real estate development industry, and has spent the last 15 years helping non-profits and public sector agencies plan and launch projects. Gary brings large firm training and experience to cohousing – following streamlined processes and methodologies to deliver real estate projects without drama and surprises.

For more info contact:

McCamant & Durrett Architects

McCamant & Durrett Architects is a full-service architecture firm that specializes in designing Cohousing Communities. For over 30 years, the firm has designed state-of-the-art neighborhoods, including Muir Commons in Davis, California, which was the first Cohousing Community in North America. McCamant & Durrett Architects is recognized globally for their innovative approach to housing and has won numerous awards, including the World Habitat Award presented by the United Nations. McCamant & Durrett Architects offers workshops, trainings, and public presentations on cohousing, project feasibility and educational design, in addition to a complete range of architecture and design services.

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