Kingston Cohousing

Kingston, Ontario

Kingston Cohousing will create an environmentally sustainable, multigenerational, inclusive, intentional, cohousing community in the city of Kingston.

Kingston Cohousing will build 20-30 private dwellings, with shared outdoor and indoor space including gardens, dining and meeting rooms, workshops, etc. We are using the principles of sociocracy as our governance model. We are exploring potential partnerships as we move toward occupancy in the city of Kingston by 2028.

We’re currently inviting interested individuals and families to join our starter group. Kingston is a historic city on Lake Ontario that offers a variety of employment opportunities: two universities, one college, three hospitals, a military base, marinas, a vibrant downtown, a lively music and arts scene, and many businesses and tech innovators. The region includes hundreds of lakes, hiking trails, parks, and historic villages and towns.