Senior Cohousing 101 with Chuck Durrett

Nov. 2, 2018. 4pm - 5:30pm. Vancouver, BC

Location: 1415 Cominco Policy Room, 515 W Hastings St Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3

In this presentation, learn why senior cohousing is such a big deal today and how to get projects started. Durrett will highlight current housing challenges, including the influx of an aging society, and why cohousing is a successful model to combating this challenge. Case studies and examples of senior cohousing communities in the US today will be looked at in detail. This presentation is ideal for those interested in living in senior cohousing, professionals interested in working with cohousing groups, and policy makers who are curious how to provide supportive, sustainable and eco-friendly senior neighbourhoods to their localities. Attendees will learn how to become the tipping point on a local level, becoming an active voice for seniors in local government and culture. (Spoiler alert: It’s actually not that difficult.)

About Speaker:

Charles Durrett is a well-known advocate for cohousing which is an example of “intentional community” supportive of a lifestyle to be an active member of a community and sustainable living. This type of housing originated in Denmark in the 1960s and over the years has been embraced by some communities on the US west coast. In BC, there are several cohousing existing and a few are in the planning stages ( Charles has played a key role in working with a few of these communities in BC in development of cohousing projects. For a portion of baby-boomers, this is an appealing multi-generational housing option that supports certain lifestyle values.

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