Learn More about Community Living in CoHousing in Kitchener Area

Sep. 24, 2020. 7pm – 8:30pm EDT on Zoom

Information With Waterloo Region Cohousing Project

We are ready for you.

Are you:

  • Yearning to connect in community?
  • Striving to engage your values like compassion, equity, and respect for the environment in a supportive neighbourhood?
  • Excited about the opportunity to collaborate in designing and building a community which enables privacy and home ownership coupled with a sharing and eco-responsible ethos?
  • Ready to invest in a new kind of housing in Kitchener-Waterloo?

We are waiting for YOU.

Join the journey of the Waterloo Region Cohousing Project.

Email waterlooregioncohousing@gmail.com for Zoom Meeting ID to our September 24th Meet-up.