Learn About Cohousing

Nov. 20, 2019. 7pm - 8pm PDT. North Vancouver, B.C.

North Vancouver Public Library Capilano
Wednesday, November 20 | 7:00pm—8:00pm
Register online or call 604-987-4471, ext. 8175.
Address: 3045 Highland Blvd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 2X4

Hear all about cohousing, community, and the growing trend in Canadian neighbourhoods!

Interest in cohousing, a concept from Denmark, has been growing steadily in Canada. In fact, there are already 14 communities already in BC! Many people long for more “community” in their lives and to interact with their neighbours. Others are looking for an altogether new response to social, economic, and environmental challenges of this century. Cohousing is one response where residents are involved in the design and development of their community, containing extensive common spaces to share and gather in, in addition to their private homes.

About Kathy McGrenera:
Presenter Kathy McGrenera has lived at Quayside Village Cohousing (courtyard pictured above, right) in North Vancouver for the past 21 years, and works as a project facilitator with 3 new cohousing projects currently underway. She also teaches a course at SFU called “Aging Well in Community”. She is passionate about living in community, being involved in her local community of North Vancouver, and building greater collaboration generally in all our communities.

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