Information Session + Dona Bowers & Rosalind Hill on New Age for Cohousing in Ottawa

Nov. 4, 2020. 7-9pm EDT. Ottawa, ON. Online.

Concorde Cohousing is a forming multi-generational cohousing group in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Cohousing is a well established housing option in Denmark of an intentional community of private homes with shared spaces. It was brought to North America by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett. There are many completed projects in North America and Canada (especially in British Columbia) and 1 completed project in all of Ontario, Terra Firma in Ottawa from over 20 years ago. Cohousing is similar to the village or neighbourhoods of previous days where you know your neighbours. Neighbours interact and form a community that help each other. Multi-generational cohousing have elders age in place with kids that are playing safely.

Join us for some short videos, a presentation about Cohousing and Concorde Cohousing, and as part of our cohousing speaker series a special presentation by Dona Bowers, cofounder of Soul Sisters who are building a four unit Seniors Cohousing project in Ottawa and Rosaline Hill, of Rosaline J. Hill Architect Inc., who is Soul Sister’s architect.

New Age for Cohousing in Ottawa

Soul Sisters is a 4 unit Seniors Cohousing project that is fully subscribed in Ottawa that just passed the Planning Committee.  Soul Sisters would soon move into the Construction phase and likely be the 2nd completed cohousing project in Ontario. Listen to their journey.

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