Cohousing Forming Groups in British Columbia

The following groups are working towards forming a cohousing community. If you are interested in becoming involved, a contact number or email address is provided.

Vancouver Cohousing Group

The Vancouver Cohousing Group originated from a gathering at a potential site in Kitsilano in October, 1998. Since the group was not formally established, they were not prepared to purchase the site. Following that initial meeting a number of people have met on a regular basis and continue to do so. We have a data base of some 30 people who have expressed interest in living in a Cohousing community in Vancouver. The focus has largely been on the west side of Vancouver, but several people are interested in Southeast False Creek as well as other parts of east Vancouver. Currently, we have 7 (households) core members and have begun strategic meetings. We also continue to have information meetings. For more information, contact: Lillian Mah at (604) 327-0215 or Carol Aitken at (604) 987-6421.

Nelson Cohousing Group

This group is pursuing the development of cohousing in Nelson. For more information, contact: Douglas Farquharson.

Roberts Creek Cohousing Group

We are pursuing the establishment of a rural cohousing community in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. We expect to have l5-20 families in a mix of housing styles on acreage, with a common house, shared workspaces, gardens, etc. An enthusiastic welcome to new members.

For more information, contact:
Gary Kent
Box 152,
Roberts Creek, B.C., VON 2WO
telephone: (604) 885-2971.

South Surrey Cohousing Group

This group is pursuing the development of cohousing in South Surrey. For more information, contact: Alan Carpenter at (604) 882-5337.

Saltspring Cohousing Group

Saltspring Island is the largest of the southern Gulf islands located in the Gulf of Georgia between the BC mainland and Vancouver Island. It is about 30 km north of Victoria, BC. The island is about 40 km long and 18 km wide. We have a 'cool mediteranean' climate with wet-mild winters and dry-cool summers. The population is about 10,000 permanent residents. Tourism is the main industry.

The current group desire to create a rural 'perma-culture' oriented cohousing development that preserves and protects agricultural land and is in harmony with the natural environment as much as is possible. Creating on-site employment opportunities is one of our goals by utilizing intensive agricultural methods and forestry products.

For more information, email: Baron Fowler.

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